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Our Vision

We grew up listening to futurist tales of flying cars, interplanetary travel, moon bases and smart medicine. All of these dreams were supposed to materialize by early 21st century. Instead, we got global climate disruption, road cars running on oil that’s being depleted by the day, plastic islands on our oceans, and a feeble space station.  

We think it’s time we do our part to turn the tide!

We believe it is possible for humans to enjoy technology without harming the Earth and the Environment. For decades our children were exposed to toys that contain harmful chemicals, some causing adverse and long-term health problems. To add insult to the injury, those toys have been causing long lasting environmental problems.

Our goal at Bioserie is to do our best to try to end this harmful cycle.


Our Story

We understood bioplastics technology would eventually change the world for the better by enabling people to consume more responsibly towards the environment. At first, we wanted to demonstrate a successful durable consumer product example was possible and we chose smartphone covers because they were increasingly popular and mainstream, with the potential to provide us the visibility we needed.
 We launched our brand “Bioserie” in 2010 with our first product, a bioplastic cover for iPhone 3GS. It was an inspiring journey as we sought to improve our products’ performance with each iteration, working within the limited resources we had as a startup. We achieved the high performance level we were striving for with our iPhone 5 covers, launched in late 2012. This product earned us nominations for bioplastic innovation awards worldwide.
 Our technological achievements have emboldened us to work harder on our vision of diversifying into durable consumer products that can make a bigger impact on the market and lifestyle of consumers.
We started researching ways to use our learnings to create baby items in 2013, and by late 2014 we developed our first baby toy product range. Our baby toys demonstrate not only superior environmental responsibility but also unprecedented levels of health and safety that can be achieved with bioplastic products. From 3 toys sold in 2015 we now have 6 different items available covering the needs of babies from 0 to 24 months. Our journey continues...
Stay tuned...

Core team



Kaya Kaplancali Bioserie

Kaya Kaplancalı   Co-Founder & COO


Batug Koprulu Bioserie

Batuğ Köprülü   Product Design