A new kind of green

Our toys are free of all toxic substances - well beyond regulatory needs!  

Derived from plants, they don't deplete the earth from anything that can't grow again.

Versatile, colourful, easy to clean, they're perfect for your baby's first two years. 

Kind of cool, isn't it?

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Proudly petroleum-free!

USDA Biopreferred Program?
Bioserie USDA 100% Biobased Certified

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Good and Green Design for Kids

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What parents say

“My son loves Bioserie Toys, he has played with them until today for almost 2 years. The Shape Sorting and Stacking Cube and the 2-in-1 Stacker helped my son very much to learn to have motor coordination. And best of all is the quality, both toys are still intact! I'm sure I'll also use them with my baby that is due at the end of the month. ❤” - A. Nakamura, Japan

“Bioserie Toys are great and of very high quality. It’s important to me that they are also eco. My son loves to play with them and learns a lot this way. Bravo Bioserie!” - Ilona, Poland

"My son's rattle from Bioserie is beautiful to watch, soft to touch, and makes cute sounds, soft to our ears!  He looked at it with curious eyes when 3 months old and quickly adopted it. Shaking it, teething on it to soothe his gums it has become one of his favorites, which I love as I am very found of the brand's approach to chemical safety and sustainability. Thanks!" - Monica, France

"The sound of Bioserie's rattle soothes my son even when he gets impatient!" - Audrey, France 

"The safest toys you can get for your child made from renewable plant resources" - Alexander, Krasnodar