Better for the environment

Significantly Lower Carbon Footprint!

Any regular plastic toy you've used until now was made from petrochemicals (oil and/or natural gas). Conventional plastic toys rely on increasingly scarce resources and in the process of being manufactured they cause between 2 - 7 times their own weight in greenhouse gases to be emitted into our atmosphere (a little known fact about all those plastics that we so take for granted in our everyday lives).

Because Bioserie toys are made from PLANTS, not oil; they contribute considerably less greenhouse gases to the atmosphere during their whole production chain compared to traditional plastic materials.

Annually Renewable Resources!

Another key environmental benefit of Bioserie toys is the use of annually renewable plant resources as raw material. This fact helps us excel at environmental responsibility, because we don’t deplete the planet from anything that can grow again.

Furthermore, Bioserie bioplastic toys do not pollute the environment once discarded as they don't contain toxic materials that come from petrochemicals and heavy metals.

Toys to Share

At Bioserie, we believe that we should try to re-use anything that can be. Our toys are made from a durable, healthy and easily cleanable material that even gains a nice patina over time. It is our hope that they will be passed on to another child after they will have done their job helping a given baby grow.