Safe for Babies
and fun

Mom approved!

Green Award

We're very happy that Bioserie toys have won the newly created Green Award category of the Baby Innovation Award in the Netherlands. The Baby Innovation Award is an annual election and a well-known event within the baby industry. The winners have been chosen by consumers based on a selection from an independent jury.

Designed by parents with love.

Bioserie’s founders have had their own experience of looking for the right toys for their own babies. Aside from the safety aspect, they have noticed that many toys that they originally found nice and beautiful just… stayed on the shelf! They learnt a lot about what works while playing with their own babies and are doing their best to bring to life the ideal essentials that will support other babies’ early discoveries.

Developed with experts in child development.

Because it’s always best to check with who knows best, Bioserie consults with infant development specialists, childcare professionals, designers during the concept phase. This helps making sure ergonomics and colors will match babies needs and make the toy a true family favorite.

Always clean!

At early ages, hygiene is an important concern for most parents – and rightly so. We all experienced that some toys are not easy to clean, because of how they are made. Because Bioserie’s toys contain no paint and are resistant to heat they can even be cleaned in the dishwasher! This also makes them easy to share with others – in pre-school/nurseries environments or within the family and friends circle.

USDA Biopreferred Program