Bioplastic baby toys.
Safe for babies, better
for the environment.

Safe for your baby

Unlike petroleum-based plastic toys, potentially harmful substances like BPA, PVC, phthalates, styrenes and heavy metals
never enter our products.

Products you can trust

Our health, safety and sustainability claims are tested and certified by worldwide authorities;
USDA* (United States Department of Agriculture), CEN (European Committee for Standardization) and
ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials).
*Teether is USDA tested and certified, Rattle and Stacker are in the process of USDA certification.

Better for the environment

As our raw materials are derived from plants and NOT petroleum, our products have a considerably reduced carbon footprint. Plant resources used in the manufacturing of our raw materials are annually renewable.

Soon to be launched


3 piece cutlery set with 2 specially designed spoons and a combination fork/splitter utensil. Our unique angled spoon was inspired by a generations old baby feeding spoon, and it is surprisingly comfortable for the parent.


A basic stacker toy to help your baby develop motor skills. Different sizes and colors add fun and help develop coordination skills too. Reversible bottom piece for added safety and play variety; bottom piece in reverse position will create a self-correcting upright effect, also increasing safety by moving away from the child when there is sudden pressure on the stacking pole.


A cheerful, easy to hold rattle to occupy your baby with fun colors and sounds.


A teether with dimples to stimulate your baby’s gums and teeth.

Worldwide recognition for
technological achievement

It took us 3 years of intensive research and development to adjust our raw material formulation and to develop the necessary adjustments to our machinery and manufacturing processes to achieve the performance level we sought. In recognition of our technological achievements, we have been nominated for bioplastics innovation awards in Germany and USA in 2013.

Our Story

When we established our company in 2009, we were already believers in bioplastics technology. We understood this technology would eventually change the world for the better by enabling people to consume more responsibly towards the environment.

At first, we wanted to demonstrate a successful durable consumer product example was possible and we chose smartphone covers because they were increasingly popular and mainstream, with the potential to provide us the visibility we needed. We launched our brand “Bioserie” in 2010 with our first product, a bioplastic cover for the iPhone 3GS. It was an inspiring journey as we sought to improve our products’ performance with each iteration, working within the limited resources we had as a startup.

We achieved the high performance level we were striving for with our iPhone 5 covers, launched in late 2012. This product earned us nominations for bioplastic innovation awards worldwide. Our recent technological achievements have emboldened us to work harder on our vision of diversifying into consumer products that can make a bigger impact on the market and lifestyle of consumers.

We now believe it’s time for us to diversify into nursing aids and toys for small children, because the bioplastics manufacturing technology we have developed is ready to offer high performance, durable products that will not only respect the environment but also provide a safer and healthier alternative to parents.

Core Team

  • Kaya Kaplancalı

    Founder & CEO

  • Bora Samman

    Co-Founder & Managing Partner

  • Stephanie Triau

    Co-Founder & Managing Partner

  • Batuğ Köprülü

    Product Design